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Shoulder Pain

Whether you have injured your shoulder playing sport, have pain trying to balance office life with staying active or just have pain daily and can't find a way out. We are here for you.

Similarly to the lower back the shoulder takes the load from a lot of different directions when muscular systems aren't working how they should.

We work with you to find the true cause of your shoulder pain. This may well be dysfunction in the arm or chest and upper back and actually no actual injury in the shoulder. It can simply be an overload of work at the shoulder that inevitably leads to pain.

Finding the right pathway

The shoulder joint can feel very complicated and hard to really pinpoint what is causing you the pain.

We are here to show you the way in your shoulder rehab. Educating you with what is happening with your shoulder and pain while getting you on the way to pain free.

Shoulder pain.jpg
Shoulder pain

Getting the right support

Getting your shoulder the right support from the surrounding muscular systems is key to being pain free.

We plan every step of the way with you. Prescribing exercises that work for you not only getting you out of pain but allowing you to fit them into your daily routines.

If rehab from injury fits nicely into your day it becomes easier to do and ultimately more effective.

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