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Sports therapy and sports massage. Getting you pain free and moving well.
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We help you get out of pain and back doing what you enjoy

Who we are

What we do

Our aim is to work with you to get long lasting effective results

Working with you to find the real reason behind your pain and helping you regain confidence and enjoyment in the things you do.

Pain can be debilitating and having a step by step plan to get out of pain and progress to moving well and feeling great is what we aim for.

Our aim is to get you pain free, confident and moving better than ever.

Rob Jamieson

Clinic Director

A big team sports man

I love to work with people building confidence in their movement. Getting you out of pain  and making you feel good about movement again

Rob Jamieson Sports Therapy

Andy Machin

Sports Therapist

I love to get people out of pain. Using manual therapy and hands on treatment. Ensuring you have the knowledge and understanding to maintain your wellbeing.

Andy Machin Sports Therapist
What people say


Sports massage, maual therapy

Simone (online client)

I was suffering with a shoulder pain on and off for 5 years. Most physios etc I went to looked straight at the shoulder but as soon as rob from Proactive Sports said lets see whats going on with the rest of the arm I knew that I was in good hands. With online sessions it made it convenient for me especially with the distance and time between clients. I highly recommend hes services.


Absolutely top class. Miracle workers. What can I say, sorted out my strains from over exertion at football through sports massage and are now working through an old back problem using rehab techniques. Never live in pain, get and see these guys straight away. Thankyou Rob and Andy.


Andy was great. I had some tightness and pain in my neck / upper back and I felt so much better after my treatment. Would 100% recommend him and will be using him in the future

"Rob worked with the Wales Women 6 Nations Squad between January and March 2016. Rob quickly became a key asset to the backroom staff, with players regularly requesting him during massage blocks. Technically he demonstrates advanced techniques in Soft Tissue Therapy - which accelerated player recovery times, players feeding back improved muscle soreness and mood during subjective monitoring with massage, than without. 

Rob was travelling 6-7 hours in some cases, all on his own expense to make camps and was present for 5 out of the 6 games. Four in Cardiff, Wales and one in London, England whilst being based around Leeds. This shows an unbelievable level of commitment to not just his continued professional development but to a team environment. 


I would definitely recommend Rob for future roles in soft tissue management and would welcome him back to the Welsh Rugby Union set up whenever possible" 


Garry Ahmed

WRU Physiotherapist



Getting you strong pain free and moving well

What should I wear? 

We would suggest coming in or bringing with you shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt, you may need to remove certain items of clothing but your dignity will be protected at all times 

What will the appointment consist of?

On your initial consultation a full assessment will take place. Listening to your story and finding out what the issue is from your point of view. Following that a full physical assessment will be done to see how you move and what makes the problem worse so we can determine what the best course of treatment will be.

Finally a full treatment plan will be made with you and for you, to get you back pain free and moving well.


How long is a consultation? 

Most consultations are 60 minutes, if you need a quicker follow up appointment 30 minute appointments are available

How much is a consultation?

45min to 1 hour consultations are £60.00

30 minute appointments are £35.00  

Do I need a doctors referral to have Sports Therapy? 

A full assessment will be given in your first consultation and for the majority a doctors note is not needed, on occasions a doctors note may be advised 

Can I eat and drink before a treatment?

Eating and drinking as normal is fine. It would be best not to eat a heavy or large meal just before a treatment 

We advise staying hydrated after a treatment


Do you take card payments? 

Yes, card payments can be in clinic taken at the time of your appointment 


How long will it take my injury/problem to improve after a session? 

This depends on the problem and  a full assessment be will done at the start of your treatment. Some problems take one or two consultations, others can take longer.

Is there anything I need to do after my treatment? 

Stay h​ydrated, commit to the plan and carry out any exercises that you are given.



078944 34445

Weekly appointments available at the following venues: 

HG3 Fitness 

Unit 7A Follifoot Ridge Business Park


HG3 1DP 

For further appointments please contact me directly 

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