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Sports Massage

Sports massage is a great tool to help prevent injuries, to speed up recovery from injury and maintain healthy functioning muscle tissue.


All of our therapists are highly skilled in manual therapy.


These include massage, cupping, trigger point therapy, dry needling and spinal adjustments.

What you get

Each session you have with us at Proactive Sports Therapy is completely unique to you. 

Everyone is different and everyone feels different with each session. We have a lot of different techniques to get the best result for you on any given day.

We look to create long lasting results with our Sports Massage sessions so helpful exercises and a bit of homework will always follow one of our comprehensive sessions. 


Learning about your body

Educating clients as to why they are in pain and how to prevent such pain is a huge part of our clinic.

We feel if you don't know why you are experiencing pain in the first place you will be less invested into doing what YOU can to prevent the pain coming back.


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