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Ankle Pain

Tendonitis, sprains and ligament damage as well as muscle injuries can create pain and dysfunction around the ankle joint. There can be a lot of contributing factors to creating pain including the following

- Shin splints          - Achilles Tendon pain

- Calf pain.                                  - Foot pain 

Our approach

We help you find the source of your ankle pain. Whether it is issues within the calf, inflammation of the achilles tendon or foot function problems.

We then help you plan a way to reduce inflammation, regain function in your foot or calf and build a pain free ankle

ankle pain.jpg
ankle pain 2.jpg

Running injuries

Calf and ankle pain is very common in running. Whether you are a seasoned runner or starting on your fitness journey with running.

We can help you get out of pain and help you build a strong and robust base to build your running journey.

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