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Why I became a Sports Therapist

A number of my clients have asked me what made me re train at the age of 30 and start a new career as a Sports Therapist?

It’s the easiest question of the day for me.

After several years of playing as much sport as I could at very competitive levels I started to pick up a range of niggling injuries that prevented me being as competitive as I wanted to be.

Inevitably these small injuries led to more serious ones that lead to long periods away from playing the sports I loved.

For someone like me at 24 years of age, this was torture and I was scratching my head as to how I could recover as fast as possible and get back to sport.

Then I was directed to a local sports therapist who after the initial assessment picked up on not only the cause of the current injury but also a few other small issues that was affecting the bio-mechanics of my body and how I moved.

Initial appointments made a huge difference, my injury recovered really quickly and felt great, it also made quite a noticeable change to how freely I moved and the range of movement I gained. Regular appointments followed over the next few months and improvements kept coming, the little niggles that were hampering me were no longer an issue and my fitness levels soared.

Full seasons playing rugby followed and with regular appointments my fitness levels hit new heights and my body felt great.

With this experience of what Sports Therapy could do for my body and seeing the exciting results first hand I knew this was something that I would like to share and be able to do for other people. The decision was made and plans were put in place.

With a background in PT and an degree in Sport and Exercise Science I have always had a keen interest in the bio-mechanics and physiology of the human body, once I started the course and teamed this interest up with the skills and knowledge of how to work with the body with manual therapy I was so excited to get going.

The course was excellent and asked a lot of each student, the tutors were always encouraging us to think outside the box and not just become another run of the mill therapist which was exactly what I didn't want to be.

Now 3 years later I get a huge buzz helping my clients overcome injuries and issues that have in some cases prevented them being fit and healthy for long periods of time. Treating these clients and seeing them training hard in the gym, then hearing their stories of what they are achieving and how great they feel gives great job satisfaction and makes being a Sports Therapist a very fulfilling profession!



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